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Exclusive Therapy Combination

The ultimate one-two punch to pain!

Blending two powerful therapies, Class IV laser and Neuromuscular Re-education has proven a clear winner by quickly reducing inflamation and discomfort.

How does it work?Laser-Neuromuscular Combo
First, a theraputic laser treatment is delivered to reduce swelling and sensitivity. This paves the way for deep tissue neuromuscular therapy.

Within the Cirle of Care, additional therapies are utilized as needed to provide a unique approach to pain management.

Effective in delivering pain relief for:

  • Back strain
  • Inflamed muscles and ligaments
  • Joint inflamation
  • Perfect option for managing pain from surgery, chronic conditions and athletic injuries.

    An examination is recommended to plot a full course of treatment. Please, call or email today to set up your evaluation session!

    Bay Area Neuromuscular Therapy Center

    (Near the corner of Belleair Road and
    S. Highland Avenue on Jordan Hills Court)

    Serving the cities of:
    Dunedin, Largo,
    Palm Harbor, New Port Richey

    1478 Jordan Hills Court
    Clearwater, FL 33756-2368 (MM8153)
    (Off Ft Harrison Ave, North of Druid
    located in the Forever Young MD Clinic)

    Serving the cities of:
    Largo, Seminole,
    St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park

    907 S Ft Harrison Ave Suite 101
    Clearwater, FL 33756 (MM25733)

    Call 727-461-3896 or Email us at customerservice@bayareaneuromuscular.com

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